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What Do You Think About Religious Beauty Products?

I've been running into a lot of religion-themed beauty lately. The majority of the products are ironic, or gently poke fun at holy convention, like this Lookin' Good For Jesus lip balm ($6). On the other end of the spectrum is Beauty 4 Ashes.

A self-professed "Christian company," B4A says that its products work because they're fresh and because "No matter a product's container or ingredients, it cannot surpass the power of God." It then goes on to bill itself as "God's will being manifested, His Word and favor in action — something made specifically for you, to meet your special need, as you remain obedient to His will."

A lot of beauty treatments have roots going back to religious traditions, but these two items are thoroughly modern. I'm curious: Do you like mixing faith with face cream, or do you go secular with this sort of thing?

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postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
OOH! I misread the lipbalm part, Bella! So it is a joke ;) And Dr. Bronner is good entertainment, haha
GummiBears GummiBears 7 years
The original Dr. Bronner wrote those "messages" on the bottles but as for religious beauty products, I don't think I would purposely purchase this unless I heard rave reviews.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
The lip balm is a joke product from Blue Q. :) Dr. Bronner's bottles are good entertainment, no?
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
As an atheist, I wouldn't go out specifically looking for religious beauty products... but this lipbalm is almost hilarious. I thought this product was a joke before a I read the "self-professed Christian company." I've used Dr. Bronner's bottled soaps before too and nothing sounds as whacked out as whoever wrote on those bottles. I imagine some guy who looks like Charles Manson wearing a banana-leaf skirt typing out the labels for Dr. Bronner products after being awake for a week straight on a manic episode. But I still use it. I don't really care that much. I mean, I find it a little silly, but it doesn't necessarily bother me.
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