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Rembrandt Deeply White Toothpaste Review

The $7 Tooth Whitening Product That's Blowing Our Minds

Last week, Rembrandt sent over a box of its Deeply White toothpaste and mouthwash duo (about $7 each). It just might be the fastest whitening product I've ever tried. After using it for the first time, my chompers were gleaming. "Wook!" I cried out to my boyfriend as I swished the mouthwash. "Ome wook at my eef!"

"Your eef?" he responded.

"My teef," I said, spitting out the mouthwash and showing off a much whiter smile.

Sometimes I think I'm imagining improvements through product use, but my beau was similarly blown away by the change. He decided to try the toothpaste, too. A few minutes later, we were both staring into the mirror, marveling over how quickly the whitening duo had worked. If people were to see us, they'd think we were crazies — crazies with really white teeth. So if you demand drastic change in very little time, this might be the ticket.

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