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Reni Lane's Hair

Get the Look: Reni Lane

Reni Lane is a Columbia University student, but when she's not in class, she's tending to a burgeoning music career. Her album doesn't come out until September, but she's already had a song featured in The L Word, and she's the star of fashion designer Erin Fetherston's forthcoming lookbook. Last night, she attended a dinner party with mall punkers The All-American Rejects while showing off her signature flame-colored hair.

This is a fun way to play with a bold hue, and if you'd like to try the look, you have a few options. For the brightest color, go with Manic Panic semipermanent dye ($12) in Electric Lava, a bold shade that glows under black light. A little tamer is Feria Copper Red ($5.99). No matter which way you go, consider using a color-depositing conditioner; while red hair is eye-catching, it's also the fastest to fade.

Image Source: WireImage
Join The Conversation
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
I didn't think I was being harsh. I love red hair,it's my favorite. I just don't like anything that resembles an Oompa Loompa.
Autumns_Elegy Autumns_Elegy 8 years
Red hair does equal win! I've got flame red hair but I Use Schwartzkopf (sp?) Brilliance 43. Its lovely and so fiery..
Beauty Beauty 8 years
Man, some of you are harsh. I think she has a fun and unusual look. Plus, red hair = win.
EcoGirl EcoGirl 8 years
why would i wanna get her look?
shayela shayela 8 years
i won't be dyeing my hair again anytime soon but i do love manic panic and i think her look is gorgeous. she reminds me a bit of agyness actually
cakeshinigami cakeshinigami 8 years
my hair was this color in high school
Nadia24gv Nadia24gv 8 years
Lol @ gatsby-esque! I was going to say the same thing.
gatsby-esque gatsby-esque 8 years
Why would I want to get her "look?" It's not a very good one!
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