Infomercials are always trying to sell us on gadgets we really don't need, and the latest to catch my eye is the Blo & Go ($29.99). Former model Laurie Coleman, who is married to Republican senator Norm Coleman, created the hair dryer holster to help her blow-drying go more quickly. The device, which attaches to flat surfaces, is meant to make blow-drying go faster while sparing your arms from the crippling tiredness that results from hairstyling. (In all fairness, this could be a legitimate concern for some older people with weak arms, but for most of us, is blow-drying that physically taxing?)

The Washington Post got a kick out of the name in an article about the Blo & Go, pointing out the sexual undertones of the name:

"I didn't think of that," she says. And then she goes further to point out that the name wasn't even her idea. It came out of a committee. It was all in the brainstorming, during which "Freedom Styler" was rejected. And so it went: You get your hair blown out. You need a blowout. You get blown . . . out. And then you go. Bingo: "Blo & Go!"

I think the Post is stretching a little bit with its innuendo findings — I'm more amused by the six-armed model in the infomercial — but maybe I'm a Pollyanna. This product isn't for me, and some consumers may be turned off (or turned on) by Colemans' conservative social values. But overall, I'm left wondering: Who would buy this? Would you?