Taking the time to apply a facial mask is worth the effort. Don't you always feel so refreshed afterward? And when I was scoping out the product reviews website earlier, I had masks on the mind. Reader Sushiflower76 loved Alba Hawaiian Facial Mask, Papaya Enzyme ($9.59) so much she gave it the highest mark — five stars. I can see why. Papaya enzymes actually help dissolve dull surface cells to improve skin's texture, after all. Check out what SushiFlower76 had to say below:

The first time I used this product I hated it. It burned and it didn't seem to do anything. But, I went back to it. You can't use nearly as much product with this as you would with a normal mask. I use maybe a dime-sized amount on clean wet skin and it doesn't burn. I've been using this now for a year and a half and my skin has never looked better.

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