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Review of L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

Product Review: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base

Here's an excerpt from OnSugar blog Beauty Bag 411.

In a previous post I mentioned how excited I was to try this since I have been looking for a new face primer. To refresh your memory in case you missed my previous post, L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base ($13) is the product that I am reviewing. So I have finally tried it out... and I hate it! Okay, hate is a strong word, but I am seriously disappointed in this.  Why? Let me count the ways.

  1. The price.  It's about $12.99, which is kinda expensive for a drugstore brand, and you only get 0.5 oz of product.
  2. It's in a jar. How impractical is that?
  3. The texture. At first I was excited because I thought it would have a smooth creamy consistency. Boy, was I wrong. This stuff feels like...mashed potatoes. Seriously. And not even creamy mashed potatoes, but extremely thick and grainy mashed potatoes. Yeah, gross huh? Now just imagine rubbing that across your face!
  4. This claims to hide your pores and banish imperfections... of which it did neither. Instead, it made me feel like I had a thick,  sticky, potatoey mess on my face, which didn't do anything to help my makeup go on smoother at all.


Rating: 1/5

Pros:'s pink?

Cons: Well, first off, it's in a jar, which isn't very practical. It's thick, grainy, and makes you feel like you're wearing potatoes on your face. It's too expensive for the quality of product, and you barely even  get any product. And it doesn't do anything to help your skin look better or your makeup go on smoother.

Man, I was so disappointed in this, which is weird because I usually love L'Oreal products. I hated this so much that I took it back, which is pretty serious for me, because I hardly ever return something, even if I don't like it that much. I was curious to try their new colored bases, but after this experience I'm kind of hesitant to. We'll see. And now I can't eat mashed potatoes anymore... just kidding about the last part.


Note: this is my own personal opinion and should not deter you from making your own judgments of this product. Products work differently for everyone, so if you feel the need to buy this product, don't let my own experience halt you from experimenting for yourself. And this product was purchased with my own money.

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apache2 apache2 6 years
BTw, I buy mine at CVS. I am a member of their beauty club. I receive extra bucks for Revlon, Loreal etc in addition to the store. At times I received a 25% of any purchased for a limited time. Long story short my last jar cost 6.49 with tax, an excellent buy. So I stocked up.
apache2 apache2 6 years
I love this product. My foundation looks glowing and lasts for about 10-12 hours. I will not be without it. The secret is the proper application. I apply my moisturizer. Wait and then apply the primer in a circular motion. Allow the primer to "set". I promise you, your face will love it.
tdwhitney tdwhitney 6 years
I am extremely upset. I have purchased the primer by LO'Real. I have always used their products and didn't think I would be disappointed. Well, after spending more than I thought was fair (it was over $13.00 for this product, even AFTER after the coupon of $2.00), I tried it out, nothing. I have been using it for over two weeks, still nothing. I have done exactly what is advised and it does nothing for me. I have great skin, but is dull looking, I thought it would provide with a flawless finish. I will continue to use it, for the price I paid and for the size of the package it came, will not consider a second purchase. That's my opinion.
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
wow, they must really love this stuff in florida for you not to be able to find it anywhere! keep checking, i've been able to find it at target, wal mart, cvs, pretty much everywhere...good luck!
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
@anonymous: um first of all if you read the comment directly above yours you will see that i had repurchased it and now i do like it, i must've gotten a bad batch the first time. second, just because it didn't work out for me doesn't make it alright for you to insult me, i am entitled to my own opinion about a product, and insinuating that my skin has craters or major imperfections is rude because obviously in my pictures i do not have them. if you skin is so perfect than why would you even need this stuff? i would think about how you come across when you say things before you comment on someone's review. thanks
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
haha, i got pressured into trying this again so i bought it the other day-and i actually like it now! i guess i mustve gotten a bad batch before because this one feel so much different!
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
wow, $30 in australia? that's a lot! yeah, i'm thinking about repurchasing it and trying it again...but we'll see :) i'll let you know if I do!
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
lol, i've actually been considering purchasing it bc i keep testing out various testers at drugstores and they all feel pretty nice...i guess i must've gotten a bad batch! ooh i've been wanting to try that lash serum but kinda afraid to bc i hear that they can change your eye color or discolor your lids? have you noticed any of these?
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
i might've gotten a bad batch bc i swatched it a couple more times at various drugstores and it felt way different from the one i had!
gdriussi gdriussi 7 years
this is the worst primer i've ever tried! it is like putting paste on your skin and even "pills" like an old sweater if you rub it in too much. it's so horrible i thought it was something i was doing wrong because it made no senes that anyone would approve this stuff, so i tried it w/o sunscreen, thinking the sunscreen was causing it to lump up like it does, but it was exactly the same, and i've even tried it w/o foundation over it, thinking maybe it was bad foundation, but no -- it' s a mistake and i don't expect it'll stay on the shelves long. unfortunately i didn't keep my receipt, but i'm thinking about sending it back to the company itself. Avoid!
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
i'm glad it worked for you! maybe i got a bad batch or something?
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
omg thank you, i really appreciate hearing that! :) you know, i keep trying out the testers at cvs and target, and other places, and its actually kinda growing on me....i mustve gotten a bad batch or something bc it feels totally different from the one i got!
fashionbag411 fashionbag411 7 years
you know whats funny is the one i got i hated but i was at cvs and they had a sample out and i tried it on my hand and kinda liked it...weird huh? it felt totally different than the one i had bought, maybe i got a bad one?
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