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Bella Book: Looking Younger

I know what you're thinking: "I don't need to look any younger, so this book, Looking Younger ($13.17) is just not for me."

Well, don't judge a book by its cover. Although written with an older audience in mind, this isn't an old fashioned makeup guide. Author Robert Jones, a painter-turned-makeup artist, explains in great detail how to choose colors, formulations, and application techniques based on your needs and facial structure.

With over 20 years of experience, Jones has created an encyclopedia of the ins and outs of makeup. His focus is to prevent you from making beauty mistakes — like inadvertently aging yourself with wrong choices — which spans all ages. While some parts may not be applicable to the under-30 crowd, let's face it. We all age. D'oh, even right now.

My favorite part? The magnificent tips he provides. And although not a quick read, for this price it's worth it just for the wonderful nuggets of information alone, particularly an eye makeup chart complete with shadow and liner choices. All in all, Looking Younger is like Makeup 101 and beyond for the mature (and not-so-mature) crowd.

Mariannie Mariannie 8 years
That pretty great.
fashionista119 fashionista119 8 years
A few years ago I attended a two-day Robert Jones Seminar, when he was promoting his book Beaute' Made Simple (which is a great book BTW). He is a Skincare/Makeup GENIUS. It was riveting to listen to him, he is SO knowledgeable, and he's also charming, funny and personable. He did meet and greets, and short personal consultations, photos and book signings at the end of the seminar. I'll probably pick up this new book too. I'd love to see him in person again!
aimeeb aimeeb 8 years
ImmaDiva ImmaDiva 8 years
actually i even have a 5 dollar gift certificate for amazon so maybe i'll order from your amazon link. thanks!
ImmaDiva ImmaDiva 8 years
o wow, i am so interested in this eye makeup chart! thanks bella, i think i'll go pick one of these up.. would it be at borders? :)
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