After 27 hours of travel to get home for the holidays (yeah, really!), I arrived home looking a bit haggard. As I slabbed on the concealer and swept on the powder blush in attempt to hide my jet-lagged appearance, I couldn't help but wish I had some cream blush instead. The powdered blush just seemed a little flat and settled into my parched skin in the most unflattering way.

So, I made a pit stop at the only place that was open: the drugstore. I'd heard some decent things about Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush ($6.89) on the blush pages of our Product Reviews website, so I picked up two: one for my mom and one for me.

The Dream Mousse comes in six shades ranging from a bronzy brown to a bright pink. I tried Peach Satin, a slightly shimmery peaches 'n' cream glow, and my mom tried Soft Plum, a natural rose.

The verdict? We both agreed that a little goes a long way, making this light-as-air blush a great bang for your buck. We also liked how easy it was to blend and that it didn't get cakey or emphasize any rough patches or wrinkles. As for my mom, she was pleased as punch (her expression) that this creamy blush took the paleness out, leaving her with a natural radiance. As for me? I wish the color lasted just a bit longer, but all in all, mom's always right. This affordable whipped blush is a keeper.