Here's a fatty that won't get you in any trouble. I'm talking essential fatty acids, which are nourishing for the skin, and incidentally, found in hemp seed oil, a main ingredient of Nature's Gate Hemp Velvet Moisture Body Wash ($6). Reader Hottpink sung the praises of this moisturizing cleanser, and here's what she had to say:

I was on the hunt for a body wash that was eco- and animal-friendly, and thought I would give this a try after spying it at a Whole Foods Body. Overall, I am really pleased with this body wash. It has a slightly earthy scent which is not overpowering at all, and it really moisturizes my dry skin. Unlike some body washes, this rinses away clean and doesn't leave that "film" feeling. It doesn't suds up as much as bar soap, but I don't mind. I have even used it to shave when I ran out of shaving cream. Another plus: it lasts a long time!

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