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Review of Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar

Neutrogena's Classic Soap: Still Impresses After All These Years

Neutrogena's Transparent Facial Bar ($3) has been the brand's star item since the bar launched back in the 1950s. After many years of its absence from my shower caddy, I recently decided to give the old classic another whirl. I was not disappointed.

With its distinctive amber color and clean scent, you'll likely get a sensory memory explosion of sorts (hello, junior high!). What makes the old-school bar so great is that it leaves behind no residue or tightness. If you have flaky or parched skin, however, this soap might not be the right match due to the high-cleanse formulation. And unlike many creamy cleansers, this solid gel-like bar really does rinse away very easily. Considering the price, results, scent, and the fact that glowy-skinned Jennifer Aniston counts it as one of her favorites, I'll be reserving a spot for this one in my shower once again.

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