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Review of Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser and Deep Clean Foaming Pads

Reader Review of the Day: Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser and Deep Clean Foaming Pads

It's been about one and a half years since the much buzzed-about Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser and Deep Clean Foaming Pads ($13) launched. I gave you my review back then, but now it's StarObsolete's turn. Here's what she had to say:

This is by far one of my favorite cleansers. When I first saw the commercial which Vanessa Hudgens, I was a bit skeptical, but I decided to give it a try. My face doesn't have much oil, mostly just the t-zone.
This really worked great for my skin. A lot of cleansers seemed to dry out my face, but this one kept it super smooth. Love, love, love the scent to this cleanser!

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LeahLiddell LeahLiddell 8 years
I have mixed feelings about this product. I think that the instrument itself is great! It made my skin smooth because the vibrating motions buff away dead skin cells. But the cleaning pads are horrible. I have normal skin, that generally does not get oily, and my skin doesn't break out much...normally only during PMS...but I noticed a few hours after I washed my face with this product, that my face became very oily, and even started breaking out within a week. So, I really didn't like it.
MounaLuna MounaLuna 8 years
Same. Not a necessity.
twilightlover1 twilightlover1 8 years
StarObsolete StarObsolete 8 years
Oh wow. o_o Didn't know my review would bring about such an uproar. xDD That's pretty cool it was featured though... Yup, I guess it depends you skin. I actually haven't heard a positive review on the Wave, but I guess I'm that small percentile that always has to think otherwise...=P Hehe.
Hodson2008 Hodson2008 8 years
I'm torn by this product. Yes, it made my skin smoother at first. Yes, it removed a fair amount of makeup. But the pads also dried out my skin. Maybe I should just try some of the new pads they have. Or maybe I should just store it away.
karlorene karlorene 8 years
i just stick with cetaphil... it's great for people w/ sensitive skin
Fantasmalicious Fantasmalicious 8 years
It made my face smooth , but it didn't remove hardly any make up : (
emalove emalove 8 years
I thought about buying this before, but then I read a bunch of negative reviews on MUA...
SlurpeeGrl SlurpeeGrl 8 years
this has to be one of the worst cleansing products that I have ever come across. i take that it back, it is. its not worth the money, any money. i used it once and then threw it away. you are better off just getting the Clairsonic brush!
C-Ruth C-Ruth 8 years
I've always wanted to try this,,
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