In my quest to find the ultimate concealer, I always look for something a little more than just under-eye circle coverage. My criteria: It has to be hydrating, non-caking, and able to neutralize unwanted bluish/purple tones. So, when I discovered Physicians Formula Wrinkle Therapy Wrinkle Therapy Concealer in Soft Yellow ($9) I thought I might have just hit the jackpot. Yellow tones are great for camouflaging pesky dark circles, but did this correcting concealer work?

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Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It's not because this concealer didn't neutralize my darkest of areas, because it did. It wasn't even the texture that was the problem since the formulation was lightweight, and didn't seem to settle into my fine lines and wrinkles (yeah, I have some). However, it was the dispensing mechanism that's to blame. The concealer comes in a tube with a brush at the end, and as I never could seem to regulate the flow when squeezing the tube, I always ended up with way too much product that tended to clump — not ideal for my perfect concealer criteria. Bummer. It had so much potential.