I love the idea of palettes, but rarely does their actual utility measure up to their promise. Sephora's new Shopbop palette ($30), however, may be a prominent exception thanks to its Archimedean design. The palette looks like your run-of-the mill blockbuster, but it's actually ingeniously portable. Each of five mini palettes inside pops out, and there's a mirrored case that's small enough for a clutch. The palettes also have a thumbhole so that you can use the kit like a real painter's palette. I do take issue with a couple of things, though. The set doesn't come with mini brushes, so if you take one palette out for convenience, you still need at least a shadow applicator and a kabuki brush. Also, the colors don't pop out individually, so if you wanted to mix and match you're out of luck. I love the concept, though, so let's hope for more Shopbop-designed makeup in the future.