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Review of Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in Kirk

The Best/Worst Lip Gloss I've Ever Bought! Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in "Kirk"

Here's an excerpt from OnSugar blog Addicted to All Things Pretty. Have some advice for her?

Almost everything about Urban Decay's Pocket Rocket in "Kirk" is perfect. The creamy sheer nude color is the best I've found to date. The package is cute and slim (great to keep in your pocket) and the gloss left my lips moisturized even after I removed my makeup. I loved it so much much I asked my fiance to buy me 2 more soon. So what's the problem? Keep reading to find out.

It STANK! As soon as I walked out of Sephora I put on this gloss on and was hit with a scent that smelled like I had just opened a bottle of medicine. It didn't smell like expired lip gloss—this was something else... I couldn't put my finger on it. My mother does not mess with any type of makeup and had just spent 30 minutes (a lifetime to her) in Sephora with me. I immediately put the wand in her face and said "smell this... what this smell like??!!!" She looked at me lost for words and with a horrible funky look on her face and said "I don't know." I flipped the box out to read the packing. What Urban Decay is describing as "sweet crème brûlée flavor" is way off. Don't get it confused...just because I'm from the "hood" doesn't mean I'm not familiar with crème brûlée.... I know it doesn't smell or taste like this. This gloss smells like vanilla, peanuts and a bottle of vitamins (gross, I know).

I'm letting you lovely dolls vote on rather I should return Urban Decay Pocket Rocket in "Kirk" and get my $19 back OR rock the gloss and simply deal with the scent. If you have a dupe for this shade leave comments so I can check it out. Help me out dolls!

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girlfunkmusic girlfunkmusic 6 years
@ClassicalTorture - omg, I bought NYX lipgloss in "Smoky Look" - it smells so BAD I can't even do it a few times. I tried. It smells like the worst cherry cough syrup EVER. I want to throw up just thinking about it. I have no idea how ppl can actually sign off on putting out a smell like that. If they would test the market, I'm sure most ppl would say they'd rather have no fragrance at all than something so strong.
ren_kr ren_kr 7 years
lol i would take it back, I just remembered about the urban decay lid primer that I have that stank so much. Further from my nostrils yet still make me gag when i slick it onto my lids. I can't imagine it on my lips!
cmaxsbutterfly cmaxsbutterfly 7 years
for $19 bucks you can get a lipgloss that is the perfect color and smells/tastes great, TAKE IT BACK!!! but make sure you make the return cashier smell it...just to prove you are not crazy and it sucks!
EricaJane EricaJane 7 years
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 7 years
I have two different shades and they smell like creme brulee to me. You can't smell it once it's on your lips. It's also a very popular gloss, so most women don't mind the scent.
gingirl gingirl 7 years
I'm with everybody else - return it! Not worth the money if it smells like that. You won't be able to forget how it smells when you go to put it on. I've bought Sephora's own brand of lip glosses, and I really like them. I have a nude lip gloss I love from Bobbi Brown's line, too.
Lola-Di Lola-Di 7 years
$19 for some stinky lip gloss? i'm surprised you haven't sent it back already
runningesq runningesq 7 years
$19 is way too much for a lip gloss you don't love! exchange for one you DO !!
a1stbornunicorn a1stbornunicorn 7 years
I used to have the PERFECT nude lip plumper- we sold it at a salon I worked at. Wish I could remember what the brand was, the salon stopped selling makeup :(.
fiquet fiquet 7 years
Too bad it smells so bad. I tried a couple of the shades on back of my hand during my last visit to Sephora & absolutely loved the texture & colors. Anyone know of another gloss with similar formula?
julebelle julebelle 7 years
I got a trial tube of Doug and was immediately hit by the scent. I couldn't place it, but then I realized it kinda smells/tastes like waffles with syrup on it. reaaaaally weird.
Sublime-Queen Sublime-Queen 7 years
My favorite nude gloss is by Smashbox in the shade pixel. If you don't love everything about a purchase, you should return it.
Faylinn Faylinn 7 years
If it smells that bad, return it and get something else you'll like. There's no use in keeping it.
Three-Eyed-Fish Three-Eyed-Fish 7 years
Return it. Nothings more annoying then using something that makes you gag. I had the same issue with a "herbal" scented lip gloss crayon that made me gag. I recommend Colour Riche by L'Oreal. Its soooo creamy and I have it in Rich Pink which is sheer and is my go-to when I'm in the mood for something with color but feels like chap stick.
cafécroissant cafécroissant 7 years
A friend of mine bought the Eric version of that lipgloss because she knows I wear a lot of red on my lips, and she thought the idea of a guy getting undressed when you put on lipgloss was funny. But I've never been able to wear it because of the smell. It doesn't smell like medicine to me, it smells weird and disgusting.
lilkimbo lilkimbo 7 years
Yeah, this stuff smells nasty. I usually just do NARS Belle Du Jour Lipstick if I want a nude lip. Or, if I really want to just do gloss, I'll do Nude Stockings by Dior.
lady_jade lady_jade 7 years
Yep, I have this gloss too and the scent is way too much. I lost the receipt though, so I'm stuck with it.
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 7 years
Oh, yuck! I know exactly what you mean by "vitamin" smell, and I would not be able to handle that. I'm not sure if you wanted a straight gloss and one easy step, but this is my favorite way to wear a pink-free nude lip: There's a cheapie brand I found at Ulta called Palladio. They have lip stains that I love and I bought the one called Nude. It looks a lot more like a brown if you test it on your hand, but with a little blending, I promise it won't be too dark. On top of the stain I will dab on MAC Lipglass in C-Thru. It helps lighten the lipstain more from brown to nude and adds lots of that signature Lipglass shine. For a more pink-toned nude, I just go straight for the MAC Lipglass in Lust.
ClassicalTorture ClassicalTorture 7 years
I bought some NYX gloss recently and I don't like the smell at all, either. I wore it out yesterday, though, and the smell seemed to dissipate after a little while. I think I'm willing to stick it out (it WAS cheap), but I don't know if I'll buy it again.
janetmouse janetmouse 7 years
Your lips are too close to your nose so I'd get rid of it and keep searching for the "perfect gloss" :-)
MandeeLei MandeeLei 7 years
Return it! Are you really going to enjoy wearing and putting this on? Probably not!
sourcherries sourcherries 7 years
Dump Kirk! If it smells, that's bad.
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