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In Which Mr. Bella Guzzles a Beauty Juice

I'm not going to lie. I, short-haired Bella, do not like the taste of any flavor or variety or juice. That's why I had Mr. Bella sample Votre Vu's SnapDragon Beauty Beverage ($26 for two). A blend of pomegranate, mango, and acai berry juices, the anti-aging drink also contains seven daily vitamins; green, white, and red teas; collagen; and ginkgo biloba. But did he like it? Was his skin better than ever? To find out, just keep reading.

"The taste was very good — somewhat citrusy, but richer," he said. "It tasted a little like carrot juice, too." My nature-loving beau also liked that it was 100 percent natural and had no added sugars. He wasn't as crazy about the price: "It was very tasty all in all, but $13 a bottle is a little steep, as the bottle was only what, a quart?" (Yep, just under at 30 ounces.)

If you're a major juice lover and have a little extra cash to spend, chugging down a beauty drink could probably do no harm. But if you're really longing for better skin, a visit to a nutritionist and/or dermatologist might be more economical in the long run. And as for the appearance of Mr. Bella's skin? I think I'll attribute his clear complexion to exercise, eating right, and genetics.

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