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Review of Yes to Carrots Acne Control Gel Cleanser

What We're Sweet On: Acne Cleanser Without the Freeze-Your-Face Side-Effects

Acne cleansers, especially the gel variety, can be so astringent, you're left looking like Han Solo sealed in carbonite. With Yes to Tomatoes Acne Control Gel Cleanser ($10), skin is not just smoother, but softer, too. While the face wash contains the ubiquitous salicylic acid to gently slough away dead skin, preventing new blemishes from sprouting, it's the tomato ingredient that does some of the most impressive work. Thanks to the lycopene contained within this antioxidant-rich vegetable fruit, pores are unclogged and inflammation often associated with flare-ups is reduced. Fruit acids also help to control oil production; you're still left looking slick, but only in all the best ways.

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