I never thought I had overly dry or overly oily skin, but when my tinted moisturizer kept leaving grease pits (and often a dreaded patch of acne) on my face by end of day, I knew I needed to reconsider.

With all of the prepping and priming I do to get my face ready for foundation, all I really wanted was a non-complicated, stay-put, inexpensive, go-to foundation. That's all. So, after a lot of Internet research (seriously, it became an obsession) and some visits to the Product Reviews page, I narrowed down my choices to the following two.

Let's call it the "battle of the drugstore foundations" between Revlon Colorstay for Combo/Oily Skin Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 ($11.69) and Max Factor Lasting Performance Stay Put Makeup ($7.99). To see my comparison chart and the winning choice,


Details Revlon Max Factor Winner
Consistency Lighter texture, more watery Creamier, more blendable Max Factor
Coverage and Finish Medium to full with a non-heavy matte finish Medium to full with a semi-matte to matte finish It's close, but Max Factor's finish was more natural
Price $11.69 $7.99 Prices will vary by location, but for the low cost and value, it's got to be Max Factor
SPF SPF 6 in most shades. Some mysteriously don't include the protection None Revlon
Longevity Claims a whopping 16 hours. Although I didn't count, there was little to no slippage. Claims 8 hours. Long lasting, but some appearance of oil by end of day. Revlon
Color Selection 20 shades 9 shades It's a tie. Although the Max Factor shade looked a little richer on me and less ashy, Revlon has more choices.
Availability Easy to find Harder to find Revlon
Overall Will it be Revlon? Or will it be Max Factor? It's a super close call on this one. And although Revlon is a little more expensive, it's longer wearing, easier to find, and comes in more shades. Winner: Revlon