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How Rihanna Keeps Her Hair Healthy

We're happy to present this article from one of our favorite sites, Allure! Beauty News Editor Heather Muir talks with Rihanna's stylist to get the scoop on her red hue:

Sitting just a few rows back at Rihanna's "Last Girl On Earth" concert, I was mesmerized by her crazy, blinking costumes and her insanely provocative dance moves—but what I really couldn't peel my eyes away from was her striking, fire-red hair color. Personally, I'm a sucker for Ri Ri's sexy bleach-blonde hue (remember her GQ cover?), but I admire her ability to rock bold shades. I talked to Ursula Stephen, Rihanna's hairstylist and Motions spokesperson, for tips on keeping the star's hair healthy despite her always-changing look. For the scoop, keep reading.

Do a strand test. "Before making a major color change, I always dye a tiny, underneath piece of hair. This way, you can see the outcome of the color before committing. You want to be sure you'll like the new color, since dying your hair too close together can damage it."


Skip your hair line. "When getting highlights, start the application a tiny bit back from your hair line. A little root adds depth, plus if you get breakage, your hair line will be spared."

Do a treatment. "Immediately following a color service, ask your colorist to apply a super-hydrating mask to help restore moisture zapped during your dye job. This will help eliminate frizz, too."

Load up on sunscreen...for your hair. "The sun's harsh rays can dull and fade your color. Keep it vibrant by misting on a UV-protecting hair spray."

Skip heat-styling. "To avoid frying Rihanna's hair, I only blow-dry and flat-iron it before some shows. We rotate a gentler styling method, like roller-setting, to achieve a cool look in a less-damaging way."

Use a moisturizing cream daily. "I concentrate it on the ends because they are usually the most damaged part. It helps seal the cuticle."

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Renees3 Renees3 7 years
This is what naturally curly hair looks like when it's brushed out. Before my hair coloring 2 weeks ago I had completely healthy hair and my hair looked like this every morning. When curly/wavy hair is brushed it gets a poufy, not very silky look to it, but it's not because it's unhealthy. I mean her hair isn't probably SUPER healthy but it's short enough that she can get away with doing more to it because it gets trimmed so often.
curLRocker curLRocker 7 years
can someone please explain to me then - why would anyone iron a wig while its on their head?! .. come on.
curLRocker curLRocker 7 years
i'm sorry, but this is complete bs. did anyone see the photo she posted on twitter recently? something about burning her forehead with a curling iron or something.. but my point is, the picture shows her hair un-done and close up and there is absolutely nothing healthy about it. it is fried to the core.
vals2saucey vals2saucey 7 years
I ♥ the color, but I just can not get over the bowl cut.
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