For those of you that suffer from skin disorders or skin discoloration, you understand how upsetting these problems can be. One very common skin disease that effects nearly 16 million Americans and 65 million people worldwide is called rosacea. Fair-skinned adults and especially women are specifically prone to this facial disease.

Rosacea is redness that is usually found on the nose, forehead, cheeks, and chin. Often, it starts as subtle irritations in the center of the face and can develop into severe inflammation, which may become tender. The redness is caused when blood vessels close to the skin's surface dilate, and the skin reacts by forming elevated blotches called papules.

Rosacea can be treated — though not cured — with either topical or oral antibiotics. Sunscreen should be worn at all times to reduce irritation, and doctors may also recommend specific soaps, moisturizers, and other products to help quiet your skin. To counteract the redness of rosacea, you can try to use a yellow- or green-based concealer.