Rosario Dawson just seems like a cool girl to hang out with, doesn't she? It's rare that you see her without a smile on her face, which is one reason I find her so gorgeous. After seeing this picture of her, I'm convinced she's getting even more beautiful as she gets closer to 30 — and a big part of that has to do with this perfect pair of eyebrows. Makeup artists often talk about how the right eyebrow shape can completely change your appearance, and it's true. A few plucked hairs here, a little gel there, and you can go from scruffy to polished in no time.

I've found a few older pictures of Rosario to show you just what I mean. To see her transformation, plus a few easy tips for following her lead,


Too curved: A few years ago, Rosario was already grooming her eyebrows — but they suffered from a "tadpole" shape that's thicker at the beginning of the brow and curves off into a thin, tapered point. The overall effect makes her look a little surprised.

Too faint: Here, Rosario's eyebrows don't stand out from her (flawless!) skin. While the shape is better, the brows don't frame the eyes as much as they could. If you ever decide to bleach your eyebrows, be careful to stay within a natural shade range. If yours are too light for your skin tone, fill them in with brow powder, which looks more realistic than a brow pencil.

Just right: It looks like Rosario has found the right shape and style of brows to show off her face. Here's why they flatter her so well. The arch is well-defined, opening up the space between her eyes and the brows. She's kept much of the fullness of her brows, but a little trim from the top keeps them looking well-sculpted. Notice, too, that at their fullest part, the brows are brushed upward; about halfway into the brows, they're brushed downward. That's how the brow hairs grow naturally, and they look so much better when you don't fight them. Finally, it looks like Rosario has used a tiny bit of brow powder and gel to set her brows into place. You don't need to do this every day, but for special occasions, it can really add a little polish to your look.