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Roundup of Reader Comments 2010-06-26 04:00:43

From Male Brazilians to Botox: What Had You Talking This Week

Found a few gems in the comments this week. Lots of what you had to say was informative, while other things got us thinking deep thoughts, and many made us smile. What topics had you talking? Botox and male Brazilians, along with a few other things.

When manscaping goes south:

  • "Oh, that poor guy — and he was doing it for charity (weird, but so sweet)! I think the Brazilian look is creepy on a woman (am I the only one who thinks it makes a woman look like a prepubescent little girl?). On a guy it's just weird and unnecessary." — lizlee89
  • "A salon I visited calls this the 'Bro-zilian.'" — onlysourcherry

Get the rest of the best when you read more.

Are young stars getting Botox on the sly?

  • "Oh yeah, this is absolutely true. I work at a dermatologist's office and see lots of young celebrities getting fillers. I'm not so sure it's for antiaging as much as it is for filling out those skinny faces?" — violetm
  • "I wish Botox would just go away." — Anonymous
  • "We rag on them [stars] for being so vain, but if they didnt look perfect we'd bully them endlessly." — Anonymous

Agreed: The Sedu and Chi flat irons rock:

  • "Couldn't agree more with your selection! Chi is the best hair item I've ever purchased." — Angelica
  • "I use the Sedu and I find it to be the best straightener I've ever owned (out of Chi, HAI, Solia, Maxiglide, Bio iSmooth). I have curly, dry hair that I color often, and most straighteners seem to make it frizzy and dry — not to mention me passing it over my hair 12 times it seems like. This is a one-two pass max, and it leaves the hair soft and shiny. I wish there was more I could say to sell that." — Anonymous

Getting nostalgic about the amazing HairDini:

  • "I used to have one, in fact. I know it's still somewhere in the bottom of my drawers! Oh dear." — ren_kr
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digigirlnz digigirlnz 7 years
The GHD hair straightner is the best I have owned/used :) I don't think I can get the SEDU or Chi Irons in New Zealand.
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