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Ruby Rose Beauty Interview | 2016

How a Tongue Piercing Fueled Ruby Rose's Obsession With Tattoos

Ruby Rose Beauty Interview | 2016
Image Source: Getty / Jeffrey Mayer

When I found out that I'd be interviewing Ruby Rose about her partnership with Urban Decay, I immediately felt butterflies. No matter what your gender identity or sexual preference is, it's hard to deny that the androgynous DJ and actress is supremely hot — with a sexy Australian accent to boot. Luckily for my nerves, the ultrachill vibe she gives off on screen is not an act. Ruby is just as friendly and funny in real life as her character Stella on Orange Is the New Black.

She and Stella differ in a key way, though: Ruby isn't remotely calculating and, in fact, seems pretty cautious. After her Hollywood breakout role in OITNB, she was approached by many brands for collaborations. But despite her past partnership with Maybelline New York in Australia, she resisted taking any calls. "I really just wanted to focus on acting and solidify myself as an actor in Hollywood before distracting me from that," she explained. However, a session with makeup artist Toby Fleischman changed her mind.

"I've used every kind of mascara in the world, on hundreds of shoots," Ruby told me. "But I was like, 'what is this? I'm obsessed with this mascara.'" Fellow Urban Decay junkies know that the formula was Urban Decay's Perversion.

Since UD isn't widely available in Australia, Ruby was unfamiliar with the edgy line; but after hearing about the company's cruelty-free message, she was hooked. Her meeting with cofounder Wende Zomnir sealed the deal. "We were supposed to have a 30-minute meeting and it ended up being a two-hour meeting — with an hour and a half talking about our dogs, rescue dogs, and what we can do for the planet," Ruby recalled.

In addition to being the face of the campaign for Urban Decay's new lineup of lipsticks, Ruby has way more in store with the brand. Read on! We chatted about makeup, her endless tattoo addiction, and her groundbreaking role on OITNB.

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