There are so many lip plumpers on the market, but I'm always game to try a new one. Sally Hansen recently introduced its Gentle Plumping Lip Treatment ($8.99) in six shades. With fun-spirited names like Happy, Playful, Serene, Tease, and Tickle, I just had to try them out.

Is it a "gloss" or is it a "treatment"? Hmm . . . although the formulation includes a special peptide complex to coerce lips to pump up collagen production, I consider this product to be more of a gloss — and a rather heavy one, at that. I did love the wand applicator, which has a brush on the tip, allowing me to apply the product with ease. The built-in mirror on the side also assisted me in knowing that my lips were wearing the treatment, and not my face.

  • Plumping action: When Sally Hansen says gentle plumper, they mean it — no burning sensation here. "Time Released Hydrospheres" promise to increase your pout over time, but I only noticed a slight tingle with minor plump action throughout its wear.
  • Aroma: A slightly too sweet, almost cake-like scent.
  • Overall: Although the different shades I tried were beautiful, the texture seemed a bit heavy and the plumping was minimal.