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Are Salty or Sugary Scrubs Right For You?

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I've got snacking on the mind today (OK, everyday). Because I'll leave food reviews to YumSugar, I've conjured up some of my fave salty and sugary body scrubs. (I know it's not the same thing, but no calories woohoo!)

Both types offer natural exfoliation but there are some key differences. First up, the mineral content in sea salts can help increase circulation on top of taking off that top layer of skin. Sugar won't have that additional benefit (no minerals in sugar . . . sigh) but, if you've got sensitive or nicked skin, you'll be saved the sting from adding salt to your wounds. I like to alternate between the two types – like sugar the day after I've shaved and salt before – so spot products to get your scrub on in the widget below.

BAIN Hawaiian Cane Sugar Scrub, Amber Vanilla 18 oz (510 g)
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