After the success of Lovely and Covet, is it any surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker is working on another fragrance? The funny thing is, the first one almost didn't happen. In his book The Perfect Scent, journalist Chandler Burr reveals that many fragrance houses declined Sarah Jessica's perfume pitch. Coty, of course, said yes — and has enjoyed millions of dollars in sales because of that decision.

There hasn't been any official buzz on SJP's next scent, but during a recent press event to promote Sex and the City, she revealed what perfume she's been wearing. "It’s a genderless one I have been working on for about six months," she explained. "I wore this a lot when I was shooting the movie."

To find out what kind of perfume Sarah Jessica thinks Carrie Bradshaw would wear,


We know that Sarah Jessica is a fan of unconventional fragrance, but what about Carrie? "I always think that Carrie actually wouldn’t wear a fragrance, since I feel like if I walk out without wearing fragrance, it's my version of being completely nude," Sarah Jessica said. "Like, I would feel nude — which as you all know, I never am! So I don’t really think Carrie is necessarily a fragrance person. I don’t know, I’ve never seen it on her counter. I’ve never seen it in set dressing. And as much as I would have liked to have seen Lovely or Covet on her bureau, even I wouldn’t do that."

I've always thought of Carrie as someone who would wear something earthy and masculine, like Kiehl's Original Musk. Definitely nothing too fruity or flowery — since Carrie had those things covered with her wild wardrobe.