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Satisfy a Sweet Tooth With Dylan's Candy Bar

Satisfy a Sweet Tooth With Dylan's Candy Bar


With all the sweetness I'd expect from famed sugar shop Dylan's Candy Bar, the new Re-Treat bath and body line included some mouth-watering flavors that made me think dessert. Yet most of the time, I'd rather eat dessert than smell like it.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. Of the four products I tested, my favorite was this Coconut Bon Bon Candy Butter Cream. Compared to the Body Smoothie Lotion in the same scent, the application process went, well, smoother. The lotion was very liquidy and took a long time to rub into my skin – maybe I just got overly zealous with the amount – but the ingredients of this tub blended right in and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all.

And about that smell – find out when you


While a whiff straight from the container nearly put me in sugar shock, on my skin it didn't linger and overpower. In fact, I sniffed my arm periodically (surreptitiously . . . I don't want to look crazy) and by the end of the day, the scent was a barely discernible, pleasant odor, but my dry skin was still super smooth, probably because of the shea butter high on the ingredient list.

So can I see myself falling in love with the scent and using it every day? Maybe not. But can I picture it as a present for someone who loves dessert or enjoys the very fun flavors (um, I mean scents) of the equally saccharine Philosophy line? Most definitely.

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