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It's no secret that smooth, hair-free skin is something we all dream about but shaving and waxing require constant maintenance and come with a host of skin issues like ingrown hair, stubble and irritation.

We have a solution! The TRIA Laser Hair Removal System disables hair growth so that your skin remains smooth and hair-free—for good. In as few as eight simple treatments, you can experience the silky, smooth results that only real laser hair removal can provide. In addition to skin that feels smoother than ever before, your skin will look its absolute best. No more dark shadows, stubble or irritation—just skin so bare, it’s like the hair was never there.

Save $200 on the NEW Tria Laser Hair Removal System now!  To learn more about how you can get fabulous skin and purchase the TRIA System, visit

The NEW TRIA System.  Better Results.  Lower Price.

talk2reebi talk2reebi 7 years
can it use male???
talk2reebi talk2reebi 7 years
can it use male???
shoegirl365 shoegirl365 7 years
They have it at Nordstrom in Tampa, I plan to stop by there and see if it would work out for my dark olive skin
Sky-Princess Sky-Princess 7 years
Spacekatgal, does this work on the bikini line? I would be more than happy to fork over the 200.00 if it would do away with the hair down there. Does it hurt? (Always gotta ask about the pain factor, I am a total chicken! LOL)
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