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Be the first one to showcase these beautiful hair trends this fall and winter. Head & Shoulders celebrity hairstylist Ben Skervin is at the forefront of hair fashions and has some great trends to be ahead of the game.

Long and Beautiful
A big trend is long hair with body and soft, natural waves. For straight hair this can be achieved by using a large barrel curling iron. If hair already has a natural wave, leave it to dry on its own and apply a light mouse that will enhance the texture. Another easy way to achieve this look is to do two loose braids while your hair is damp. Let them dry, and when you undo them you will have soft and beautiful waves.

TIP: Use Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky system to ensure that hair is moisturized.

For two more trends,


Sleek Ponies
On the opposite side, very tight and slicked back pony tails are also going to be popular in the upcoming seasons. To accomplish this look, use a gel or high shine wax to slick back your hair, but be sure not to get this product in the ponytail. The ponytails hair should be silky and shiny, definitely not full of product! Vary the part to suit your face shape, or just pull it straight back.

TIP: Use Head & Shoulders Dry Scalp Care system for your scalp to be visibly ready for any sleek style.

Relaxed Updos
Tight ponytails are not for everyone, another popular style this season is going to be loose ponytails and buns with pieces falling to frame the face. The texture should be fluffy using no product, the opposite of a slick back ponytail. Finish the back in one of three ways, a loose braid, a soft bun loosely pinned up with wisps of hair escaping or just let it hag with a soft and free textured feeling.

TIP: Use Head & ShouldersClassic Clean system for any relaxed style to protect your hair from the daily elements.

“Having a healthy foundation – your scalp – makes these trendy hair styles look even more beautiful.” Head & Shoulders celebrity hairstylist, Ben Skervin

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