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The Secrets Behind Pretty Private Parts

Say it isn't so. We've shared some red carpet secrets with you to prevent catastrophes, but it never occurred to me that some people actually prepare and look forward to a nipple slip or a picture of them bending over while going commando. Whoa! Some gals actually enjoy a 'lil scandal. Duh: that's why we're so addicted to PopSugar!

How about a show of hands for all of you that bleach your anus. Yep - it's true. There is a desirable shade of ass. There's even a Salon in Sherman Oaks, CA, dedicated to it.

Esoterica Nighttime Fade Cream, $9.99, is an at home product that you can use to help lighten up your load (ha!). It's made with 2% hydroquinone formula (bleaching agent) that is safe and gentle enough for most people to use in the sensitive areas of their body.

*Note: If you are irritated by this product, discontinue use immediately. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Now I've only used cheek tints to give a healthy glow to my face cheeks and lips. It has been brought to my attention that others like to use Benefit's benetint, $28, to tint their breast areola a perfect blush color.

So if you've wondered how celebs, strippers, dancers and porn stars get such succulent nips - now you know!

To read what Benefit has to say about this usage of their product,

"Women want nipples to be pert and fresh-looking, and this shade makes them appear that way. For a long time, the idea of a ripe, rosy nipple has been considered appealing and alluring. Even if you don’t show it off, you know they’re rosier and more perky."

Join The Conversation
zeze zeze 7 years
While I've never used this and probably won't use this ever...I totally agree with Jennifer. How is this any different than a brazilian?! People are hilarious, anything that is mainstream is ok, anything that isn't is crazy or silly or stupid...even if there are other things in life that those people do themselves that is totally similar. And I think it makes sense to want to do it for cosmetic reasons, things look nicer when they are uniform in color, so if ur darker down there and lighter all around, I can see how that would look off. Makes total sense to me.
Fashion Fashion 10 years
All your responses have been thoroughly entertaining and insightful! Glad you enjoying us shining some light on this beauty trend. xo
peepshow peepshow 10 years
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that is isn't for women only. I mean, I would say this anal bleaching would make slightly more sense (?) for the gay male community. And I guess women that prefer anal sex, and porn stars. Someone must have thought- man, my butthole is dark. And someone must have agreed and taken it to various other levels of people who agreed that one's anus must be lighter!
M155-J4CK13 M155-J4CK13 10 years
The skin around the anus has a darker pigment to it. Your inner thighs also have a darker pigment than the rest of your body, but less noticeably so. Porn stars do it, I suppose to perpetuate the stereotype that women should all strive to look like barbie dolls or something. When they offer male anal bleaching kits, then this will become somewhat less offensive to me. But until then, this is just another attempt to morph women into barbies. Patriarchy at it's finest.
cherfer cherfer 10 years
I don't understand why I would need to bleach my anus?!!!
flutterpie flutterpie 10 years
icky icky! TEAM FLUTTER!!!!!
SU3 SU3 10 years
The-New-Black The-New-Black 10 years
Fabsugar, make sure you add this to the first date-fab find post above.
The-New-Black The-New-Black 10 years
Luckily I'm still way to worried about the looks of the rest of my ass to go into this much detail. LOL at 'a desirable shade of ass'!
mom2 mom2 10 years
impress the toilet bowl - lol. too funny. what the heck???
I have heard it all! OMG it took me 5 minutes to stop LMAO just so I could reply to this! Other than a trashy porn star who really cares about the color of your anus! How about it cassandrasnow (3 posts up)! Impressing the toilet bowl, I dont think so! If your man has a problem with the color than he has some issues! :rotfl:
sweetstrawberry sweetstrawberry 10 years
********** .....augh.
lickety-split lickety-split 10 years
oh you girls are FUNNY! i just read the other day about paris doing this, thought i read that here but maybe not. people need more things to do i guess. love the possible "bad for you" suggestion, no kidding.
MissAntipodea MissAntipodea 10 years
What the hell?? Why on earth would a person do that?? Are they trying to impress the toilet bowl or is their partner just really fickle? I would love to hear from someone who has actually tried this and find out exactly why they did it. This is nuts people.
Maggie-Mae Maggie-Mae 10 years
WTF? Um, how many people are looking there that you really need to worry about it? Plus it seems like bleaching down there could be bad for you...
lemuse20 lemuse20 10 years
-blink- seriously? no, seriously?!
brokenbracelet brokenbracelet 10 years
LOL...ok, I just don't understand WHY you'd want to bleach THAT....I mean, really..not to be gross, but who's gonna be all up in there looking?? I just...I just....yeah, I need to sit down too haha
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