Say it isn't so. We've shared some red carpet secrets with you to prevent catastrophes, but it never occurred to me that some people actually prepare and look forward to a nipple slip or a picture of them bending over while going commando. Whoa! Some gals actually enjoy a 'lil scandal. Duh: that's why we're so addicted to PopSugar!

How about a show of hands for all of you that bleach your anus. Yep - it's true. There is a desirable shade of ass. There's even a Salon in Sherman Oaks, CA, dedicated to it.

Esoterica Nighttime Fade Cream, $9.99, is an at home product that you can use to help lighten up your load (ha!). It's made with 2% hydroquinone formula (bleaching agent) that is safe and gentle enough for most people to use in the sensitive areas of their body.

*Note: If you are irritated by this product, discontinue use immediately. Do not use on broken or irritated skin.

Now I've only used cheek tints to give a healthy glow to my face cheeks and lips. It has been brought to my attention that others like to use Benefit's benetint, $28, to tint their breast areola a perfect blush color.

So if you've wondered how celebs, strippers, dancers and porn stars get such succulent nips - now you know!

To read what Benefit has to say about this usage of their product,

"Women want nipples to be pert and fresh-looking, and this shade makes them appear that way. For a long time, the idea of a ripe, rosy nipple has been considered appealing and alluring. Even if you don’t show it off, you know they’re rosier and more perky."