A few weeks ago when I was visiting Los Angeles, I had the pleasure of getting a full-face makeover by makeup artist Leesa Dang at Senna Cosmetics in Beverly Hills. The studio is in a posh location and it's set up with lots of mirrors and chairs, so right from the start my expectations were set high. I had no doubts that I'd walk out looking like anything less than a glamorous and red carpet-ready Hollywood star.

The first step was applying a cleanser, moisturizer and a magical, velvety, silicone-based Silky Primer ($36) that virtually evaporates once it touches skin. It made my face feel smooth and look incredibly supple. (If you're looking for a primer, I recommend it based on the incredible texture alone).

Next came the smooth and extremely sheer base, which provides coverage similar to a tinted moisturizer. However, when I looked in the mirror, I was sadly shocked by how pale and lifeless my skin appeared. Leesa eased my fears by explaining that Senna foundations are made from minerals and would only meld into my skin and soften as the night went on.

Finally came the dramatic mix of petal pink and navy eye shadow, deep navy eyeliner, two coats of rich black mascara, and a medium pink lipstick and gloss. At first I thought the cool tones were a bit heavy, but after a little more blending, it looked beautiful. My face looked even and the smoky eye paired with the pink lip was every bit as sexy as I'd hoped. For more about my thoughts on Senna's foundation, my new everyday lip color obsession, and to find out what celebrities wear this brand,


Leesa was right about the foundation. As the day wore on, my base looked more and more natural and less like makeup. What I mostly loved about this experience was the time they spent with me (and their never-ending patience). After the makeover was complete, they touched up my brows and helped me with my search for a less Barbie-doll lip color that I could wear in the daytime.

I tried on several of their high-shine, thick, yet not-sticky glosses and my favorite of the bunch was a new, pinky nude Fall shade called Grace. However, my current favorite lip color is a creamy and sheer, almond-flavored lipstick (with SPF 15) in Whisper Rose ($17.50). This hearty rose shade contains flecks of gold glitter that transform the color from pink to coral peach.

I love getting makeovers, but they're even more fun when you're working with someone who loves to gossip about celebs just as much as me. She mentioned how Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson, and Michael Jackson's makeup artists all come in to pick up products for their famous clients! I'd have to say that without a doubt, my overall makeover experience gets an A+, so thank you, Senna.