Your sense of sight probably plays the biggest role in the beauty products that you purchase. For example, when you look in the mirror, you might not realize it, but you're deciding which features you want to play down or accentuate on that particular day.

Studies show that if you feel confident on the inside that you actually look more confident on the outside — so don't forget to smile or wink at yourself once in a while when you're primping!

Also, if you find yourself drawn to particular makeup colors because they are more aesthetically pleasing to your eyes than others, its no coincidence. These shades probably look better on your skin tone and eye color and you are making a subconscious decision to wear them.

For a few ideas about how to make yourself look better without having to apply tons of makeup,


  • Get a manicure. Even if you're not wearing makeup, you'll feel like you look polished if your fingernails are filed and painted.
  • Apply some mascara. This beauty item instantly gives eyes definition and makes you look and feel more awake.
  • Apply clear lip gloss. This will make your smile look brighter, your teeth look whiter, and lip gloss tends to add a sparkle to your eyes.