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There is simply nothing redeeming about a blustering March day — the bracing wind slaps you in the face, cracking your lips instantly, while cold tears trickle down your cheeks, making your skin even more dry and chapped. Fun times. In order to prevent my already-sensitive and reactive skin from becoming a bigger drama queen, I follow these simple rules: 1) Put all my foaming face cleansers (foaming can be drying) in a drawer and replace them with cream-based cleansers. 2) Rule number one applies to the body, too! Look for a rich, creamy bodywash like Dove Sensitive Skin Nourishing Body Wash, which will leave your skin soothed and hydrated and get rid of the dreaded Winter itchies. 3) For a midday refresher to battle the blaring dry indoor heat, keep a mineral water spray or alcohol-free toner at your desk and spray throughout the day as needed. It actually refreshes your makeup and hydrates!

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