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Serena Williams: Tennis Champ . . . and Manicurist?

It's no secret that Serena Williams loves beauty — she's worked with Mission Skincare on products before, and she's got great style on and off the court. But did you know that she's also only a few practice-hours away from being a certified nail technician?

Vogue writer Marina Rust recently interviewed the Wimbledon winner, and came away with a free mani. Serena says that she's always loved doing nails, and also hinted that she wants her own polish line. Before her clothing line came out, she got a degree in fashion, and now it seems she's being equally hands-on (har) when it comes to her nail aspirations. Do you wish more stars were as dedicated as Serena to the products that bear their names?

Photo courtesy Derek Kettela/Vogue

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helloanya helloanya 6 years
I think its okay for celebrities to pair with a creative professional in the field of their product, like Miley Cyrus and Max Azria. I don't think its necessary to get as involved as Serena does. Especially if the celebrity trusts the person/ground they are working with on the product. To me it just seems like Serena likes to have the authority and expertise to make all the decisions, perhaps she is TOO hands on?
stylinfabqueen stylinfabqueen 6 years
I've heard about this but this one I can't knock her for. Unlike many celebs that start their own line of products, Serena actually takes the time out to do the research. I've watched her many times on HSN with her clothing line and as a fashion grad to see someone like her also going to a fashion school and learning the techniques, she is no fool. I think this sets an example for all celebs with a primary career to better their brand.
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