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Seven Bad Beauty Habits That Aren't a Huge Deal

7 Beauty "Sins" You Should Be Forgiven For

We're all about promoting healthy living and beauty habits that'll help you feel your most confident, but just because we try to be good, it doesn't mean we're perfect — or that you should be either. So we made a list of not-so-hot beauty habits that you shouldn't stress about. Feel free to add your own forgivable foibles in the comments, and to see our list, just keep reading.

  1. Popping zits: Yeah, yeah, we all know we're not supposed to. But guess what? Everyone does. I've even known dermatologists to give in once in a while.
  2. Letting your manicure get old and raggedy: Look, you're busy. And if it's a choice between a polish change and returning your library books, well, other people need that copy of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo too, all right?
  3. Sleeping with your makeup on (occasionally): Sometimes you're partied out, or doing something romantical (ahem), and it just doesn't happen. Whatever. Just don't let it become an all-the-time thing, because then you really will break out.
  4. Letting your hair go unwashed: This is why dry shampoo and texturizing spray exist.
  5. Holding on to makeup you love after its expiration date: Is this super smart? No. But it probably won't kill you, either.
  6. Biting your nails now and again: Your mom may not like it, but that's because she does it too and feels guilty. It's not her fault, it's not your fault, and most people nibble now and then. Really.
  7. Wearing a color you like even if it's not terribly flattering: I love orange lipstick. Does it look hot on me? Not in the least. Does wearing it make me unaccountably happy? Most definitely. Makeup is about fulfilling yourself, not matching someone else's idea of pretty.
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