Last night I paid a visit to stylist Sarah Garrity at Remedy Salon in Emeryville, CA, for a little shape-it-up trim. Seeing that I've got beauty on the mind, all the time, I asked the funky stylist for a few tips on washing, and here's what she had to say:

  • Brush 'em, brush 'em, brush 'em — Brush your hair before shampooing. It might seem obvious, but do you actually do it? Sweeping a comb or brush through your hair before cleansing actually assists in removing tangles, stimulating the scalp, and loosening dirt and/or product buildup.
  • Less is more — You probably don't need as much shampoo and conditioner as you think. A dime-sized amount should do the trick, plus by using less, you're being quite frugal/environmental in the long run.
  • Cut back — Sarah recommends washing only three times a week as to not strip the natural oils from your hair. Of course, the frequency of which you shampoo will all depend on your hair texture and/or individual situation. For instance, I worked in a deli back in high school, and although delicious, the bits of ham and cheese loaf stuck in my hair started to stink and look unsightly without my daily Salon Selectives usage.

For the last two tips,


  • Rinse well and repeat — Often, Sarah finds that clients who complain about conditioner leaving their locks limp and lifeless are probably just not rinsing it out well enough.
  • Blast off — Speaking of rinsing, give your hair (especially the ends) a blast of cool water as you are finishing up in the shower. This extra step will help seal your cuticle, making your hair look shinier. I'm chill with that.