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Fall is breezing in faster than you can dust off your favorite pashmina, boots, and gloves, and with the crispy Fall weather comes lots of layering to stay warm (aka about a zillion different ways to spice up your 'fit, yay!). The new line of Chinese Laundry Legwear provides the perfect pop to keep your legs warm and fashion sense intact. Whether it's stripes, leopard, patterned, footless, tights, or knee-highs, it's time to glorify those gams, girl! So how do you keep your accents looking amazing in Autumn?

Tell us how you add style to your Fall fashion lineup and win $500 (plus some new Chinese Laundry Legwear, score!).

Leave a comment to share your layering secrets for a chance to win!

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marieli marieli 6 years
need some
donnak4 donnak4 6 years
My tip is to wear jeans.
mrssquigg mrssquigg 6 years
Knee length skirt with almost knee high boots and a great top/sweater.
tanners12 tanners12 6 years
Funky tights, a skirt and sweater or jacket with a silk tank under plus some vintage jewelry
chromiumman chromiumman 6 years
a skirts with solid leggings or knee-highs, and a solid tee
janolson janolson 6 years
Leggings with short shorts!
chrys28 chrys28 6 years
I wear dark denim jeans with a black scarf and a gray sweater.
greendove greendove 6 years
Thick chunky sweater paired with warm heathery tights says autumn to me.
aerowaffle aerowaffle 6 years
I love wearing a shirt over a shirt with just a little bit of the 1st layer showing. It's warm and adds an element of additional color.
hmahan_0529 hmahan_0529 6 years
Striped tights with a solid color sweater dress!
Lisa14886226 Lisa14886226 6 years
I love adding color to my fall wardrobe. I love pairing neutral toned clothing with bold colored accessories or tights to make my outfit stay fun and not to serious.
ewalsh ewalsh 6 years
To add my personal style to fall I usually start with neutral or subdued, layer type clothes, but throw in at least one brilliantly colored piece that sets off everything. Usually a scarf or pin or even just my shirt.
norcalgal norcalgal 6 years
I love it when the weather turns cool enough for tights. I wear them with short boots and pair with a skirt or dress.
barbarawr barbarawr 6 years
It's dark when I have to get up in the morning and my husband is still asleep, so I just pull something out of the closet and wear it. Nobody will ever think I'm setting a fashion trend :-)
js22 js22 6 years
I basically wear tshirts or sweatshirts or sweaters with jeans. My sister has an embroidery machine, so all my 'naked' shirts have lovely designs on them! I like to wear interesting jewelry that I've made to add to my look!
txtwister txtwister 6 years
Nothing goes better over skin-tight denim leggings than a great looking winter boot!
lostnwv lostnwv 6 years
dress with socks and tights
barry813 barry813 6 years
Nice pair of boots with a skirt and a chunky sweater.
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