Summertime always brings us a dose of reality TV shows. This week marks the debut of She's Got the Look, a modeling competition. (Yes, the theme song is by Roxette. Gross.) The concept is similar to Top Model, but the twist is that all of the contestants are 35 or older. The winner receives a contract with Wilhemina and a spread in Self magazine. And instead of Tyra and the Jays, the judges include Beverly Johnson and stylist Robert Verdi. Like any reality show, there's the requisite "people who don't have a chance in Hades" reel:

I'm conflicted about this show. If it's done well, it'll be a great reminder that women don't stop being attractive when they turn 35. But unlike the young Top Model contestants, these would-be models might have insecurities about their age — and one biting criticism could bring all of those out. Here's hoping that the show winds up being empowering. Will you tune in?