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Shellac and Gel Manicure Problems

Before You Get That Gel Manicure . . .

Gel manicures have been all the rage these days, with countless brands coming out with their own versions of the long-lasting polish. But, just like any other salon service, it's always good to do your research before paying a visit to the nail salon. Cleveland's 5 On Your Side news team recently went undercover, sending 10 women with hidden cameras to get gel manicures, specifically CND's Shellac. They found that not all of the salons followed the manufacturers' recommended procedures correctly.

For instance, two women observed that different brands other than CND were also used in their manicures, and others saw an inconsistency in number of layers put on as well as technique. "Application is paramount to get the polish to stay on," explained Barbara Brussee, a licensed cosmetology instructor. (Note: We tried the service and loved it.) But to see how you can establish safeguards, just keep reading.

While many women were happy with the results and said they'd get it again, it's important to do your own groundwork. If nail technicians are mixing various brands together, there's no knowing the ramifications. You'll also want to make sure salons are removing the polish correctly, as to not do damage to your nails and/or health. So protect yourself: read salon reviews and ensure your nail tech has been properly trained. CND, in fact, is currently implementing a salon certification program.

Source: Flickr User Danel Solabarrieta

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Vanonymous Vanonymous 5 years
Simplynatural, thanks for your response - it was actually the OPI gel color "bubble bath" but I bet you're right - it was that really pale pinkish/peachy color so that's probably why she did an extra coat - maybe I should try it again with a brighter color that would only need one coat.
simplynaturalnail simplynaturalnail 5 years
In regards to Vanonymous, I've been doing Shellac for over a year now & own a salon, I understand the look your speaking of, Most likely romantique was color used which in my opionion does make the french look acyrlic looking and thick due to needing two coats of this color to give a opaque look. what i usually do for this is a thin coat of strawberry smoothie and one thin romantique.. which still gives that coverage without the thickness. Though with most French applications i prefer one coat of the other sheer pinks in the line, provides more natural look and less likely to have peeling problems. hope this helps & don't write it off just yet.
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 5 years
I am actually trying out an at-home gel manicure right now. I'll post about it on Monday so you can see how it's going.
jesshent jesshent 5 years
OPI Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer is just the best!
kp79191 kp79191 5 years
I have been getting a CND Shellac manicure every two weeks for about a year. I had an issue with it peeling while on vacation, but that was caused by the chemicals in the pool. The other time it was found to be the top coat. The salon switched the bottle and re did my manicure. I absolutely love it and my nails grow very fast while wearing Shellac.
Italia_Girl Italia_Girl 5 years
It is really all about application. I have a friend who ordered a Shellac kit and does them at home and they peel much faster than usual. Mine always last two weeks. It is really important for your nail tech to clean your nail bed very well before applying. Curing time is also very important.
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 5 years
That's too bad, Vanonymous. Sounds like maybe it was applied incorrectly.
Vanonymous Vanonymous 5 years
Had this done for my wedding b/c my honeymoon was the following weekend and I wanted something that would last. Got it on a Thursday - was all chipped and peeled off the following Monday. I'd go regular mani next time. I also don't like how thick they make nails look - it almost looked like I had acrylics - which is totally not the look i was going for.
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