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Shopping Advice For Men

An Insider's Look at the Men in Sephora

Here's some funny Sephora shopping advice from OnSugar blogger Juicy Watermelon, who works there:

There are a surprisingly large number of men shopping at Sephora. A tiny percentage are there for themselves, and you can normally tell which ones those are, because they tend to be pretty hot. There are also guys there with their wives or girlfriends, or just simply left with shopping lists. There are two types of those, though: the young and eager to please, and the middle-aged one who's just happy not to be buying more tampons. Then there's the last type of guy — the ones who are there getting gifts. To find out her tips for the latter, just keep reading.

Here's a little tip to the last type of guy:
Let us help you, and your wife/girlfriend/mistress will be extremely happy. Give us as much information about your gal as possible — how she smells, what lifestyle she leads, what she likes, [and] what she dislikes. Showing us a picture of her would probably help a lot! Is she complaining about getting older? If so, why not a new antiaging cream from Lancôme or Caudalie? Does she like gadgets? How about a Clarisonic? Is she totally into YouTube makeup tutorials? Get her a Lauren Luke palette! How long have you two been together? (If new, give her perfume and save the gift receipt.) Why walk around the store all stressed out when we can help you find the perfect gift? There are some items that I don't recommend you purchasing. Don't get her any anti-acne products because that's saying, "Hey babe, I love you and all, but your acne is disgusting." Neck firming creams say, "Hey baby, your neck is starting to look like a turkey!" . . . Sure, it might be something your girl is thinking about purchasing, but let her get those herself. Or give her a gift card so you can indirectly pay for it. So trust us. We'll guarantee that you will not get kicked to the doghouse.

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