Another story has come out about the health hazards of working at a nail salon. Prolonged exposure to chemicals has been linked with skin rashes, respiratory problems and cancer. For instance, manicurist Lam Thi Le says that she was diagnosed with thyroid problems two years after working in a nail salon; she was later diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now, the California legislature is assessing the risks that nail technicians are exposed to at work. "Every day, nail salon workers are exposed to a wide array of carcinogenic chemicals," said state Senator Carole Migden. After holding a legislative hearing in which workers testified about their health problems, Migden announced that she's planning to introduce legislation on the matter within a year.

I used to work near a quick-and-cheap nail salon, and the fumes were so strong that you could smell them from 20 feet away. I always saw the workers—almost all of them immigrants—and worry about the effects of breathing that air all day long. Regulating the work environment seems like a good idea to me, but what do you think?