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Should Plastic Surgery Be Banned for Teens?

In Australia, there's a raging debate over plastic surgery right now. Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has spoken out about teenagers who choose plastic surgery, saying that deciding to go under the knife is a decision "best left until one is an adult." Additionally, she's concerned that young people may be addressing poor self-esteem by having rhinoplasties and breast augmentations:

"Evidence suggests that this worrying trend is a response by children and young people to the pressures they are feeling to look perfect in an increasingly competitive world obsessed with beauty and celebrity."

This is more than just idle talk, though. Premier Bligh has introduced a discussion paper that considers banning non-essential plastic surgery for people younger than 18. If she can get support, Queensland could be the first Australian state to have such a ban. What do you think? Is this something you'd support, or should the government be completely hands-off?


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