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Should You Sugar?

With bikini season just around the corner, I've been getting a lot of questions about hair removal. I recently had a reader ask me what the deal was with sugaring, so read on to decide if this is something you should try.

Sugaring is an all-natural alternative to waxing. So if you're squeamish about the chemicals and additives in traditional waxing, sugaring could be just the ticket. It is also a lot less expensive than getting the job done at a salon or purchasing an at-home kit, especially if you concoct the sugaring solution yourself.

To see what this process actually entails, as well as the potential ouch-factor,


The process of sugaring itself is relatively simple. You can either purchase an at-home kit, like this MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit ($17), or you can whip up the solution yourself at home. The technique is identical to that of traditional at-home waxing. So what's the difference? Here are some pros and cons.

  • The solution contains no artificial chemicals or preservatives, which could be beneficial if you have sensitive skin.
  • If you wax regularly, at-home sugaring could end up saving you a lot of money.
  • When done correctly, sugaring should be less painful than waxing, since it sticks just to your hair, while waxing sticks to your hair and skin.
  • Sugaring is easy to clean up since it is water based, whereas waxing is difficult to get off of skin, clothes, and carpets.

  • It can be difficult to get the temperature just right, since your at-home solution will heat differently than traditional waxing kits.
  • You might have more stray hairs left over than with waxing, since it doesn't always "grab" the hair the way waxing does.
  • You need patience! Preparing the solution, heating it to the right temperature, shredding your old tees, and getting the technique right is a lot more time consuming than grabbing a box of wax from your local drugstore.
  • It's not totally painless. You might have to withstand a some extra pain while practicing to get the technique and temperature right.

If you have the time and patience, sugaring can be an effective and economical hair-removal option. I would love to hear if anyone has tried this and what their experience was like. Also let me know if you have any tips or at-home recipes!

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mlmoreno47 mlmoreno47 9 years
Sally Hansen all over body wax is fantastic. They just don't give you enough of the wood stick applicators!
ChicaCity ChicaCity 9 years
ineasley - i'm with you! i can't bring myself to pull the strip off myself, i'll stick to the spas for waxing!
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I'll stick to my razors...
lightheaded lightheaded 9 years
I am a total clutz with at-home waxing... tried it and I made a horrible mess, of both me and my house. Maybe since sugaring is water soluble, i'll give it a whirl.
ineasley ineasley 9 years
I'll stick to going to the spa to get it done. I tried it at home and could bring myself to pull my own strip. LOL
linds1019 linds1019 9 years
I use the Sally Hansen Lavender Spa Wax kit and have had great results and it doesn't cost that much.
AParker AParker 9 years
I've sugared for years - I get the same results as with traditional at-home wax, believe it or not! I just put my jar of sugar wax into the microwave for ten seconds, and poke at it until it's just the right temperature :P I love how it can be cleaned up with just soap and water, but I can't vouch for the supposedly smaller ouch-factor, as I have a very high pain tolerance!
amber_castaldo amber_castaldo 9 years
This sounds really interesting. I am not really good at doing the at home waxing.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
Oh, when I used Moom I would heat it too hot and then stir it while it cooled down enough to use.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
I've used Moom and it's ok. I found it to be about the same as other waxes. You can powder your skin so the wax doesn't stick. When you get sugared by a professional, they don't use strips. They just have a ball of the goo and use it over & over until they can't. It's a lot quicker than waxing!
vogue92 vogue92 9 years
I actually have been using MOOM for a little over a year now and love the product! I find it easy to use, easy clean up and relatively painless. I use it for my bikni line and it feels like getting your brows waxed (which I still leave up to my esthetician). For 20 bucks, it doesn't hurt to try it. Or maybe it will just a lil ;)
julieulie julieulie 9 years
Bliss makes a sugar product (makes a sugar? makes a sugar-based wax? I don't know the proper name for the substance one uses to sugar) for eyebrows that is great! It's marketed as an eyebrow wax and doesn't contain a lot of product, but you can use it elsewhere -- I get much better results than other at-home wax kits, and it doesn't hurt as much.
ranksubjugation ranksubjugation 9 years
ugh. sugaring is lame... i tried it at home, but it's so hard to catch it at JUST the right temp. so that it isn't so hot it burns you and isn't so cool that to hard to spread on. I just ended up with all these waxy chunks and a few painful spots on the skin.
krampalicious krampalicious 9 years
i tried this years ago and it was a hot mess. literally. plus i had to do it in the kitchen while my parents weren't around, so i was standing in my undies with one leg propped up on the counter waiting for the stuff to heat up, praying one of the neighbors' kids wouldn't see me. aaaaaaaand that's why i stick to my trusty intuition razor.
judeandam judeandam 9 years
sally hansen used to make this tube of sugar wax that i got great results with. it had a wax like consistency, could be used at room temperature, and was water soluble. the technique was the same as for waxing and it came in a kit with a spatula and waxing cloth strips. but i'm not sure if they sell it anymore... :-(
BeautyPopStar BeautyPopStar 9 years
What I am really looking for is a microwave wax which I can buy here in the UK. Any suggestions? I don't like using the cloth strips or cold wax. I only like microwave wax...
piksie007 piksie007 9 years
it doesn't sound like it's really worth it, does it?
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