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Shu Uemura Satin Design Review

Shu Shine: Brilliant Hair in a Bottle

You know how in shampoo commercials, our lovely protagonist seems to have nothing better to do than to sit under lights and bounce her hair around? And it's always glassy and multi-tonal? It's all done through careful manipulation and camera tricks, yet I still secretly hope that some shampoo will create that magic for me.

I still haven't found a shampoo that creates that much shine, but here's the next best thing: Shu Uemura Satin Design ($30). This styling lotion doesn't look like much when it goes on damp hair, but after a blow-dry, it makes hair insanely shiny and glossy. At first I thought it was just my wishful thinking, but a few of the Sugar girls have commented on it — as have dude friends — so now this is part of my blow-drying routine. To see a picture of the super-shiny results,


Eat your heart out, Breck Girl.

Glosslizard Glosslizard 9 years
Thanks, Bella! :)
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
That is all NATURAL!! I am soooooo jealous! ;-)
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Thanks, MrsDrWho. It's all natural!
MrsDrWho MrsDrWho 9 years
Great high and lowlights ,Bella :)
chiquita29 chiquita29 9 years
Nice! I didn't know they made hair products.
MartiniLush MartiniLush 9 years
OOOH, love your hair! It is so shiney and it looks like it is really soft, too! And I also love your cut!
Beauty Beauty 9 years
Thanks for all the comments. You can buy it in Shu Uemura boutiques and at certain salons. I found it for sale at this e-shop but I've never ordered from it, so I don't know what their customer service is like. Glosslizard, I haven't tried it on dry hair. I imagine it works best with blow-drying, though now I have to do an experiment!
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
Gorgeous! Do you have a link to the product?
ChristinaMUFE ChristinaMUFE 9 years
rachi99 rachi99 9 years
That. Is. Fantastic. Great cut, too!
badkitty badkitty 9 years
wow pretty hair. where can we find this miracle product?
emalove emalove 9 years
Your hair looks SO shiny! I might have to try some of this...I'm impressed!
Glosslizard Glosslizard 9 years
Wow, really gorgeous! I'd love to try it, but I air dry my hair. Do you know if it requires blow-drying to activate or will it work without heat?
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