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Silk'n Sense Epil Review

Let's Try Another At-Home Hair Removal Gadget!

Just when you thought it was safe to shave, another technologically advanced hair removal device has hit the market, and Bella's giving it a test drive. The Silk'n Sense Epil ($499) is the latest entrant into the high-end hair removal market, joining No!No!, Tria, and in-office laser procedures. The company sent us an Epil unit to try out, so I'll report on the progress over the next few months. To find out more about how it works and what it promises to do, just keep reading.

Like all the other tech-y hair removal devices, the Silk'n uses light to get hair follicles to stop growing. In this case, it's pulsed light. This means that it's not an option for everyone. If your skin tone is deeper than about cafe au lait or your body hair is light, you're out of luck on this one, as well as Tria and most in-office laser hair removal treatments (the No!No! will still work on you, though).

As with most of the other devices, prepping for the Silk'n is pretty easy: you just shave, plug in the machine, and go. Where the Silk'n has a huge advantage is in the size of its applicator. Tria and No!No! removal take a significant amount of time because of their small applicator heads, but the Silk'n has a rectangular applicator window about the size of two postage stamps, so doing your armpits and bikini line only takes a couple of minutes. You also don't need to use the Silk'n as often as the Tria or No!No!—in the beginning, you only have to do it every two weeks, and then you move on to once a month until you get your desired results.


I've got high hopes for the machine, and I'm going to zap myself tonight. I'll post pictures and a description of the first session ASAP, so watch for more.

Photo courtesy The Contessa Gallery

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browneyes1977 browneyes1977 6 years
I am interested in buying Silk n system,but I am so confused between this & Tria,, I have the same issues that ANONYMOUS has,, Are you happy with Silk n system, is it actually working?? PLEASE I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW.. SO TIRED OF WAXING & TWEEZING!!!
mintz mintz 7 years
can't wait to see your results! i've been looking for a cheap alternative for laser hair removal. going to a professional is sooo expensive!! my sister is getting it done and told me how much it cost her and i almost fainted. reading people's different reviews of this on is making me lean towards getting it!
Beauty Beauty 7 years
Hi Tatsauce! You would probably be on the cusp for use of a laser or light hair removal unit, because the light works by targeting the contrast between darker hair and lighter skin. So if you've got super dark hair that shows up a lot against your skin, then you could probably use it. But if your body hair is brown and the contrast is low, then I'd say yeah, avoid. I've used the No!No!, and I like it—it doesn't hurt at all, and it shaves and helps reduce hair in one go. The only downsides are that it can take a long time to do if you're working on more than just a couple of spots, you have to use it more often than a light system, and results are slower to appear.
tatsauce tatsauce 7 years
So the No!No! is a better option for medium/tan/olive toned & hairy gals like myself?
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