Have you ever had a sunburn so extreme that it blistered? Take caution. You could be at least three times more likely to develop a melonoma. A recent study, conducted by the melanoma screening service MoleMap by Dermatologists, identified six risk factors that could pose possible warning signs. Here they are:

  • Natural red or blond hair.
  • Freckling located on the upper back area.
  • A history of melanoma within your family.
  • Teenage sunburns that resulted in blisters.
  • Summer jobs outdoors that lasted for three or more years during your teenage years.
  • Tendency to get scaly patches of skin on areas of the skin that have received sun exposure.

If one of these statements is true for you, then you are three times more likely to develop a melanoma. However, you are 10 times more at risk if two or more of these circumstances apply to you. If you're concerned, heed the advice of MoleMap director Dr. Martin Haskett. "It is important to note that although most of the questions in the survey related to sun exposure, once the risk factors are present a malanoma can appear at any time of year and in non sun-exposed body sites," he says. "This means people need to check their skin year-round and medical surveillance programs for those at highest risk."