When plucking (or is it tweezing?) your eyebrows at home, do you get less-than-stellar results? Whatever your case might be, the Chicago Sun-Times has some great tips for achieving beautiful brows from Benefit Cosmetics' brow expert, Hillary Foote.

I think we've all experienced baldy brows from going overboard with the tweezers at one time or another. Find out what you need to do to avoid wimpy brows and discover six ways to create enviable arches when you


  • Before tweezing: "Fill in your natural brow line with a brow powder or wax before you do any reshaping. Seeing a full brow will help you pluck only must-go stray hairs and prevent you from over-tweezing," says Foote. She recommends Benefit Brow Zings ($30) to get the job done.
  • On trends: Foote encourages sticking to what works for you, instead of following the latest trends. "Slightly thicker brows are better than too skinny, barely there brows," she advises. I agree.
  • Tweezer happy: If you happen to get a little too overzealous with that tweezer, just wait patiently for those brows to return. "Growing back your brow hair usually takes two to three months," Foote states.
  • Don't tweeze above: "Always tweeze hairs beneath the brow line, instead of along the top of the brow," Foote forwarns. "This prevents you from creating an over-manicured shape and ruining your natural arch," she adds.
  • Arch support: "Use brow filler to emphasize your arch, which you can measure by aligning a pencil along the side of your nose at an angle and pointing the end toward your iris. The tip of the pencil should point to your natural arch," Foote says.
  • Matchy-matchy?: Opt for a brow filler in a color that is one shade deeper than your darkest hair tone. "Avoid using a harsh dark pencil to draw any hard lines across the top of your brow line, which should look slightly soft and fuzzy," Foote advises. She recommends Benefit Instant Brow Pencil ($20).