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Sk-II Air Touch Foundation Review

Can a $165 Foundation Be Worth It?

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I've never seen makeup as expensive as SK-II's Air Touch Foundation ($165), but I just had to try it out. It's an award-winning, battery-powered airbrush foundation that sprays out an extremely fine mist of foundation. I've heard rave reviews, so my friend and I headed to the makeup counter to give it a whirl.

The verdict? My friend loved it and could see why people would splurge on it. As for me, I didn't get the fuss. To find out why,


First, we both liked the realistic texture of the foundation. It doesn't look heavy, and the mist dries down to a streak-free finish. My friend loved how her skin looked flawless, almost Photoshopped — plus she liked the gadgety allure of the spray applicator. While she didn't buy the foundation, she said she understood why some people would splurge on it.

As for me, the makeup artist's application provided a glimpse into my future. The ultra-fine particles settled into the fine lines around my eyes, revealing mini-wrinkles I didn't know I had. Great! While I'm not terrified of aging, I'd rather not shine a light on the lines that are there, you know? After my Dorian Gray moment, I couldn't wait to remove the foundation. Not sure why it worked so well on my friend and was so, uh, revealing on me, but it's a "try before you buy" product if one ever existed — and if you happen to have a hefty $165 to spend on foundation in the first place.

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