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How Sex Can Give You the Best Skin of Your Life

Feb 12 2016 - 5:00am

That's right, we're talking about sex and skin ladies (which happen to be our two favorite things). While there are endless benefits to having a weekly orgasm when it comes to fitness and health [1], you can actually enlist your significant other in a wild romp for a clearer complexion, too. And did we mention bed head? Nothing gives a fresh blowout texture like a quickie. Now, we know it sounds too good to be true, so we've called upon a couple dermatologists to prove our point. Below you'll find five fantastic beauty reasons to have sex tonight, and tomorrow, and yeah, you get the picture!

Sex = Exercise

"Sex is considered a form of exercise," said Dr. Gary Goldfaden, dermatologist and founder of Goldfaden MD [2]. "Physical activity increases blood flow, which increases circulation, which equals vibrant skin." Sex increases your heart rate, which in turn maximizes your blood flow. Not only does that mean you can burn calories doing the horizontal mambo, but you can also get all the skin benefits without going to the gym.

Makeup Optional

Increased circulation during your intimate workout causes that postcoital flush and glow, so you can feel free to skip the blush and bronzer after your romp. In addition to the infamous after-sex glow, Dr. Goldfaden says your pout can also be affected. "Lips also can be fuller and darker postsex due to excess blood flow," he explained. "Endorphins are released during sex, which can make you look happier because you are happier."

Less Stress, Better Skin

Stress has already been linked to beauty issues [3] like rosacea, acne, psoriasis, hair loss, and nail biting. So saddle up to rid yourself of worries (and complexion issues). "Acne can also set in when you don’t get enough sleep or you’re stressed out," Dr. Goldfaden said. "Sex helps alleviate both of those issues." Plus, you can ward off wrinkles, too. Hormones released during sex help boost collagen production.

Acne Remedy

Yep, having sex could ward off pimples! "Having sex reduces hormone levels, which can help with breakouts," said Dr. Goldfaden. Plus, birth control can keep your skin clear, too. "If you are prone to acne or rosacea, birth control pills are usually helpful and may help decrease acne flares," adds dermatologist, Diane S. Berson, M.D., FAAD, Weill Medical College of Cornell University-NY Presbyterian Hospital in New York. The progestin and estrogen in birth control can help lower the hormones in your body that exacerbate acne.

Work Up a Sweat

There are two sides to the sweaty sex coin: the good and the bad. "Sweating is always good for the skin," explains Dr. Goldfaden. "Sweating opens up pores and clears out impurities and toxins, it also makes you glow." But in order to reap the skin benefits, you have to rinse off all those leaked impurities ASAP (just keep a few cosmetic wipes by the bed).

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