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Skin Care Tips With Chanel Dermatologist Amy Wechsler

New Video! Chanel Expert Gives Her Complexion-Brightening Tips

Stress comes in many forms and can really wreak havoc on your skin, but Chanel is getting to the bottom of it all with its video series: "In Conversation With Dermatologist Amy Wechsler: The Mind/Body Connection." Dr. Wechsler has a unique board certification in both dermatology and psychiatry, which has helped her treat patients' many skin care concerns.

In the latest installment of the series, Dr. Wechsler talks about hyperpigmentation. "It's not just wrinkles that make people look older, it's dark spots," she says. To brighten skin, Dr. Wechsler recommends in-office glycolic or salicylic acid peels or laser treatments. At-home brightening products, such as Chanel's Le Blanc Brightening Concentrate ($195), are also options. While there are no easy solutions to erase dark spots completely, "the best long-term strategy to keep hyperpigmentation at bay is daily, broad-spectrum sunscreen," Dr. Wechsler stresses. Get her full recommendations on brightening skin, and see the other videos when you keep reading.

In the first video, Dr. Wechsler explains the connection between dermatology and psychiatry. "A lot of patients come for help with their appearance and end up talking about life issues," she says. "Skin care can be so emotional. So much of how we think affects how we look, and vice versa." In part one of the series (above), she discusses how to help reverse the damage caused by your body's inflammation response to stress.

"There's the basic science of it, where there are so many interconnections between the brain and the skin in terms of the circulation, neurotransmitters, and hormones," Dr. Wechsler explains. In part two of the video series, Dr. Wechsler talks about keeping your skin in tune with your biological clock, which will help your complexion stay radiant and healthy. Stress, technology, and lack of sleep can all cause your skin to deviate from your natural rhythm, but watch the video above to see how you can get your skin back in sync.

"If you're not getting enough sleep at night you'll see it in your skin," she says. "You'll have more fine lines and wrinkles, your skin will appear dull, and it will be drier." In the third video in the series, Dr. Wechsler also touches on some other things that could be affecting your complexion, like sleeping in makeup, tanning, and skipping sunscreen. She breaks down the five common skin care mistakes you could be making in the video above.

Wearing sunscreen is essential to protecting against both UVA (aka the "silent wrinkler") and UVB rays. "A lot of people are in denial about the damaging effects of the sun," Dr. Wechsler says. But since the sun can cause brown spots, wrinkles, extra blood vessels on the face, and even cancer, that's why "the best way to protect yourself from the sun is to wear sunscreen every day." Play the video above for her advice on what type of SPF is best.

Travel frequently? Then you'll want to check out Dr. Wechsler's airplane skin care tips. "When I travel, I never wear makeup," she says. Instead, she applies moisturizer and spritzes on hydrating spray to keep her complexion in check. Dr. Wechsler also recommends wearing sunscreen to protect from high-altitude UVA rays and to not stray from your regular skin care regimen when away from home. See more in the video above.

— Additional reporting by Jaime Richards

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